Glass and Whimsy

I began my adventures with glass on a whim in 2015. After spending one afternoon in a mosaic studio, I was hooked!


I have been creating art most of my adult life, working in a variety of media. When I discovered decoupage, CCCreations, my most successful venture, showcasing my unique decoupage-under-glass pieces, was born.


But my visit to that mosaic studio led me from paper to the beautiful world of glass. The art of mosaic combined my love of color with textures and materials that were new to me. Like my past work with decoupage and my personal style, my mosaic creations are quite whimsical!


I soon made a natural transition from mosaic to fused glass. I began by creating fused glass pieces and building them into my mosaic art. It wasn't long before my passion for fusing glass exploded into a full range of mosaic, fused glass, and mixed mosaic-fused pieces. 


My process is unplanned. I look at the colorful beads, baubles, and broken bits spread out on my worktable, run my hands over their varied textures, and the ideas just present themselves. That's when the fun begins! 


Creating beautiful art pieces with these two mediums is an exciting and rewarding chapter in my life. Why not reward yourself with one?